Mrs. Irin Florence was an incredible influence in the growth of ETZC as a church and an organization. Mrs. Irin Florence was the daughter of former Kanyakumari district superintendent of A.G. Pastor. Gnanamani. She was the fifth child in a family of six. She was brought up in a home that groomed her to be, Holy and prayerful. As she grew, God gifted her with many gifts of the Holy spirit. When she was three years old she was clinically dead, as the family was preparing for the funeral, she was raised from the dead miraculously.

From a very young age she placed a higher value for others feelings and needs of others more than her own. She was heavily influenced by Florence Nightingale (The lady with the lamb). Florence Nightingale helped widows, and wounded soldiers during the war. This characteristic of nightingale deeply impacted Mrs. Irin. At a young age she was heavily burdened by the Holy Spirit to preach the word of God in the northern parts of India. She did her bachelor’s degree and completed her theological studies in Chennai. After her studies she married ETZC head church Pastor A. Sobitham together parented two children (Sam Joel, Jabez Paul David). She served The Lord as a Pastor for 22 years.

One of the many wonderful qualities she possessed was Love for the poor and the needy. She would try her best to help out people in need. During the Chennai floods she visited many homes and churches that lacked basic needs and helped them providing clothes and other necessities. She lived a simple and humble life, she would even sell the gifts she receives and put that money into building God’s Kingdom. She played a crucial role in Church expansion & growth through prayers and by raising fund through offerings.

She loved ministry and even on public holidays like Easter and Christmas she would take a group of people with her and minister the word of God to the unsaved, even though she passed away at a young age of 48 we believe she achieved the purpose which God had placed on her life in that short time. She was active in ministry and she was an active member of the house as well, she loved her husband and children very much. Just as she cared for her Children she cared for all the children in the church. She always wanted the best for all the children in the church. She raised many young people to be great ministers of God and beacons of light for Christ. She comforted those in need and she was usually the first person to be at a funeral of a believer or family member.

She had a deep love of ministry and every month she along with 120 about women would go and minister in villages. In 2012 she took a group of women with her on missionary trips to Delhi and Punjab. In the month of April 2016 she took a group to the state of Odisha, along with 12 sisters in a place with no basic necessities she stayed for 8 days and proclaimed the word of God. She was a person who was filled and guided by the Holy Spirit. She exercised all the gifts of the Holy spirit and she reaped with the fruits of the spirit as well. She was a shining beacon of light in the organization for 22 years. On 21/5/2016 After her tireless efforts and hard work in ministry she passed away to be with the Lord. As a kernel of Wheat falls to the ground, she was planted by The Lord to be the blessing to many more souls.